Indiana Aquaculture Strategic Plan Overview

Participating Agencies:
Indiana Soybean Alliance, Purdue University, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Board of Animal Health, and Indiana Aquaculture Association Inc.

Create an environment to enhance and grow a viable and profitable aquaculture industry.


1. Adopt two parallel paths for growing the Indiana aquaculture industry.

    a. Niche focused growth through multiple producer-chosen species, production and marketing practices.
    b. Species focused growth with concentration on one or two species.

2. Market state-wide to maximize both production and marketing effectiveness and efficiencies.

3. Identify and access funds for aquaculture through traditional sources - banks, self-financing, family funds; and non-traditional sources--grants, venture capital, small business administration, vertical integration contracts.

4. Attract producers to the industry by increasing number of independent producers in aquaculture, and attracting organizations willing to invest in a large vertically integrated aquaculture business.

5. Develop marketing support tools towards niche awareness and specie focused marketing, i.e., market channel development and development of targeted marketing communication resources.

For more information, contact Kwamena Quagrainie at 765-494-4200 or

One result of this initiative is the Advancing Indiana Aquaculture website. This website provides new and existing producers easy access to aquaculture information and education resources.


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Aquaculture Marketing Specialist

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