Station #45186
42° 22.0301, -87° 47.7135
Operated by University of Illinois and Illinois State Geological Survey

Waukegan Buoy

This buoy is owned and operated by the University of Illinois and the Illinois State Geological Survey. LimnoTech, Inc. and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant play pivotal roles in helping deploy and support the buoy. The buoy was first deployed through a grant from NOAA. Continued funding support comes from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Program.

Most recent data are below. Additional data are displayed via the Great Lakes Observing System.

Contact Info

Coastal Geologist

Ethan Theuerkauf
Illinois State Geological Survey

Aquatic Ecology Specialist

Jay Beugly
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

IISG Tweets

The endangered piping plovers on #Chicago's Montrose Beach, nicknamed Monty & Rose, have established a new nest near the southern end of the beach after they were flooded out of their previous home:

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