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Greatest of the Great Lakes - A Medley of Model Lessons CDGreatest of the Great Lakes CD


Educating students about ocean and Great Lakes topics can enhance their math and science skills as well as foster a stewardship ethic. The Greatest of the Great Lakes is a CD-ROM learning module containing 41 innovative classroom activities designed for grades 4-10. This collection offers students’ insight into Great Lakes concerns, while bridging the gap between science and other subjects, such as math, geography, and language arts.

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Great Lakes Overview

How Big is a Crowd?
How Well do You Know the Great Lakes?
Where should I Relocate in the Great Lakes Region?
Ojibway-Early Immigrants to the Great Lakes Region
200 Years of Change
Great Lakes, Great Careers

Life in the Water

Who Can Harvest a Walleye?
Don't Stop for Hitchhikers!
What are the Characteristics of Some Great Lakes Fish?


Wetland in A Pan
How Does the Estuary Serve as a Nursery?
Seeing Purple: A Population Explosion
What is the Ecological Role of the Estuary?
Hydropoly: A Decision-Making Game

Climate & Weather

How does the Great Lakes Modify the Growing Season?
What Happens to Heat Energy Reaching the Great Lakes?
How does the Temperature of the Great Lakes Change over Time?
How do the Great Lakes Affect Temperature?
Snowmaking-Great Lakes Style
What is the Great Lakes Triangle?
How Can Disappearances Within the Triangle Be Explained?
What Happened Abroad the Edmund Fitzgerald?


Your Great Lake!
More than just a Lake!
Water Quantity
Making Great Lakes Connections
How does Stratification affect Water Quality?

Coastal Processes

How did Rocks and Rivers Shape the Great Lakes?
What Evidence of Glaciation Exists in the Great Lake Region?
How Fast Can a Shoreline Change?
How Much Land Has Been Lost?
Indoor Dunes


Rival for Survival
Whose Water?
Beach Mysteries
Invader Species of the Great Lakes
Exotic Puzzle - What are the Characteristics of the Great Lake Exotic Species?
Is the Globe Warming? Is there Evidence in the Great Lakes Region?
Where do All the Toxins Go? (Internal view)
Where do All the Toxins Go? (External view)
Which Fish Can We Eat?


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