Fish are chock full of nutrients, but they are often contaminated with pollutants that can have serious health effects, particularly on growing babies and children. It can be difficult to know what to do with this good and bad news--if you are already aware of it. Due to language, cultural or other barriers, many who depend on “catching their dinners” may not be in the information loop. Through Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant initiatives, teachers (of many disciplines) and students will be able to build community awareness and involvement concerning this significant health issue.


Education Initiatives

Fish School: Taking Stock of Risks and Benefits
This program to raise awareness about contaminants in fish involves scientists, nutritional experts, Extension educators, teachers and students in an effort to reach those who need this information the most--women in their child-bearing years and families who fish for their food.

Fostering Community Stewardship through Informal Education 
Sea Grant educators work with after-school science clubs, scouts, and other informal education groups to create community stewardship projects on the benefits and risks of eating fish.

Featured Products

Fish School

Fish Consumption Lesson Plans
Alignment with State Standards (Illinois, Indiana)
Sample Community Presentations-Submit your projects to us!
Fish School Stewardship Program

The ABCs of PCBs
Contaminants in Fish and Seafood (Guidelines for Illinois and Indiana, available in English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese)
Educational Flipchart on Fish and Seafood
What You Need to Know Before You Eat that Fish (Mercury)
What You Need to Know Before You Eat that Fish (PCBs)

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