Expired medicines, outdated computer equipment, or goldfish we are tired of caring for - from time to time, we all have things we no longer want or need. But how we get rid of stuff can make an impact on the health of the environment. IISG has developed a series of toolkits and initiatives to help communities, schools or individuals wisely deal with unwanted medicine, aquarium plans, and animals. By safely disposing, recycling or donating many unwanted items, people can help protect the Great Lakes ecosystem and our drinking water quality.


Education Initiatives

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicine; 4-H Youth Guide
A 4-H youth guide will provide messages that help people understand the proper ways to dispose of medications, reduce identification theft, and protect our waters.

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicine; High School Service-Learning Curriculum
A collection of lessons can be used in high school environmental science, civics, social studies, and biology classrooms.

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicine: Veterinary Medicine Student Mentoring Project
Veterinary medicine students will be trained to teach high school students and inspire stewardship of the environment.


The Medicine Chest: A collection of safe disposal curriculum activities and service-learning resources
Sensible Disposal of Unwanted Medicines, 4-H Guide

Disposal of Unwanted Medicines:  A Resource for Action in Your Community:

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Materials for Public Outreach and Education

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