To prepare students as responsible decision-makers and future leaders, IISG has developed education programs that engage students in experimental practices to promote a sustainable society. Our community stewardship education projects are focused on: safe disposal of unwanted medicine; controlling spread of aquatic invasive species; and proper preparation and consumption of fish for good health. Each community-based project helps students and teachers build partnerships with local residents to enhance learning.


Education Initiatives

Helping Hands—Restoration for Healthy Habitats
This curriculum project provides an opportunity to engage upper elementary and high school students in Great Lakes environmental stewardship. The lessons and hands-on activities are best fit to Area of Concern communities – where large environmental cleanups and restoration projects are underway. Each lesson has been aligned to the following standards: Next Generation Science Standards, National Science Education Standards, and state standards for Indiana, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicine
This community-based effort engages schools interested in developing collection and disposal programs for unwanted medicine so pharmaceuticals are not flushed into local waterways.

Nab the Aquatic Invader!
An educational web site that introduces students (grades 4-10) to marine and freshwater invasive species and their impacts through multidisciplinary content, colorful caricature, and classroom community stewardship projects.

Invasive Species University Service-Learning Course
This service-learning course uses the Nab the Aquatic Invader website to teach essential science concepts such as ecosystems, habitats, and food webs to undergraduates who then instruct local youth and engage them in community stewardship projects.

Fish School: Taking Stock of Risks and Benefits
This program to raise awareness about contaminants in fish involves scientists, nutritional experts, Extension educators, teachers and students in an effort to reach those who need this information the most--women in their child-bearing years and families who fish for their food.

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