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Fish School Stewardship Program

Fish consumption advisories are not enough! We need your help by leading stewardship projects to educate the general public, particularly sensitive populations, about the risks and benefits of consuming fish.

As an incentive to help spread the information, we will provide your group with education resources and will be pleased to lend our "cool" fish scale exhibit, Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Eating Fish. Please read the following program requirements before beginning.

Stewardship Program Requirements

Use the checklist to make sure you have submitted all required materials.

Preliminary Action Plan
Permission Form
Summary Form

Please send all materials to:

Terri Hallesy
illinois-IndIana Sea Grant
University of Illlinois
374 NSRC, MC-635
1101 W. Peabody Dr.
Urbana, IL 61801


Terri Hallesy
Education Coordinator

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
Purdue University
195 Marsteller Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2033
University of Illinois Extensio
Sea Grant
Purdue University