IISG Program Development Proposals

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program (IISG) has limited discretionary funds for the initial development of promising research and outreach projects. Requests for proposals are announced periodically and IISG will accept preproposals at that time. Ideas for developmental projects can be submitted to the research coordinator for consideration for future RFPs.

To receive email notification of upcoming funding opportunities, email with your contact information.

All forms (90-2, 90-4, and bio-sketch) should be sent as one PDF file to Guidelines for project reporting can be found here.

90-2 Project Summary Form

The Project Summary Form (Form 90-2) should be used for proposal submission including investigators and their affiliations and duration of project. The proposal should outline the problem, impact of the problem, methods, and expected results and impacts. Not all fields requested at the top of the Program Summary form are applicable to program development funding. Only fill out the items for which are appropriate. For questions, contact the assistant research coordinator.

The Project Summary Form should not be more than 5 pages in length, including tables, figures and references. All projects which will generate environmental data must include a Data Management Plan. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration requires that all environmental data from funded projects be verified and made accessible, free of charge or at no more than the cost of reproduction, within two years of completion of the project. In order to be considered for Sea Grant funds, researchers should outline how their data will be shared and maintained. Possibilities for data sharing include publication, sharing via publicly available data portals, or maintenance of data at your institution, but other options are also available. For further data management plan guidance, including a definition of what constitutes environmental data, see

90-4 Budget Form

The Budget Form (Form 90-4) should be used to outline your budget. Refer to the RFP to determine whether indirect costs and/or match are required. Please include copies of Fringe Benefits and Indirect Cost Rate documentation for all institutions, if applicable. Please also include a justification letter for the budget. This may be submitted on a separate page, but should be included in the single .pdf submitted.

Budgets must be approved by department or university business offices before being submitted. Researchers should submit informal budget approval with preproposals.

Investigator Bio-sketch

Include a maximum 2-page bio-sketch or CV for each investigator demonstrating sufficient expertise and a history of sponsored-project completion, including publication.


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Associate Director of Research

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Assistant Research Coordinator

Angela Archer
Fellowship Program Leader

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