A little bit of technology and some planning can make hobbies and locations even more enjoyable. Such is the case with “water trails,” which are designated routes on and along a body of water for kayaking, canoeing, and other paddling activities. With a small GPS unit or smartphone or an online map, boaters can enjoy scenic views and trips that vary in length and challenge level. 
But whether you’re new to these types of activities or have been kayaking/canoeing for years, there are a number of important safety tips to keep in mind, because the best part of an adventure is the safe and successful completion of it. 
“Water trails—a designated route along a river, lake, canal or bay specifically designed for people using small boats—along Michigan’s Great Lakes coastline are increasing in popularity. Paddling on the Great Lakes is a fun way to see the coast and take in Michigan’s abundant natural resources; but it can be different from paddling on inland lakes and rivers.”
Follow the link above to read their 10 tips for staying safe while paddling on and around the Great Lakes.