Asian Carp get most of the press when it comes to invasive species concerns for Lake Michigan. But the Lake’s unique ecosystem, as well as tourism and other industries that rely on the Lake, face a number of threats from non-native species. One such aquatic invasive species (AIS) is the Sea Lamprey. 
From the Journal Gazette, Ft. Wayne: 
“’Sea lamprey have been a disaster for Lake Michigan,’ said Bill James, the DNR’s chief of fisheries and a member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. ‘Sea lamprey really changed the way of life for Great Lakes fisheries.’
James said sea lamprey have no predators in the Great Lakes and nearly destroyed regional fisheries in the 1960s. Though barriers and application of lampricides have slowed their progression, sea lampreys still threaten the $7 billion Great Lakes fisheries industry, he said.”
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‘Tis the season to salt the roads, but studies found that salt components are accumulating in lakes, rivers, and groundwater, impacting fish and other wildlife. Did you know there are alternatives to rock salt—like beet juice, cheese brine, & pickle juice?

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