Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is excited to be accepting applications for a Community Sustainability Extension Specialist position at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. From the announcement: 

This full time position will be located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. This specialist is responsible for developing an innovative extension program designed to empower communities to sustain their natural resources. Programming, products and decision tools developed should assist communities and regions in identifying issues impacting their sustainability and in making informed land use and policy decisions needed to sustain their natural resources and ecosystems for future generations. Programming should span the breadth of issues faced by communities and could include: recycling; lawn management, and hazardous waste programs that protect water quality; green infrastructure and low impact development strategies that protect water quality and reduce impacts to streams and flooding hazards; water conservation and innovative strategies that balance water demand with sustainable supply; land use strategies and policies that sustain ecosystems, farmland, and habitats; and alternative energy strategies that can meet demand within sustainable CO2  emissions. This specialist will serve as a critical link between communities and scientists conducting research on natural resource sustainability. The specialist will be expected to work with campus-based scientists specializing in areas of sustainability and to develop programs and tools that transfer new technologies and discoveries to communities that can apply this work to enhance sustainability. The specialist will be encouraged to work with Purdue Extension Educators and Sea Grant specialists to engage local officials and decision makers in evaluating, prioritizing, and implementing the best strategies for their communities.

For more information on the position including qualifications, visit the Purdue University Human Resource webpage. The job number is 1200417.

The application deadline is April 6th, so visit the Purdue HR page and apply soon.