This is a visiting 12 month, 100 percent time academic professional position working as an outreach specialist through IISG and located at the U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) in Chicago, Illinois. This individual will work closely with GLNPO personnel, faculty and staff from the University of Illinois, Great Lakes Sea Grant programs, and other federal agencies.

This specialist is responsible for working with coastal communities and targeted client groups to assist them in making informed science-based decisions relative to:

* Options for management, monitoring, protection, and restoration of coastal habitats.
* Local policies and programs needed to reduce pollution and toxics reaching the community’s surface waters.
* Local policies or programs needed to improve indicators of Great Lakes quality.
* Options for delisting Beneficial Use Impairments in Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

Closing date for this position is November 30, 2010. For job details and other pertinent information, visit the position announcement page or contact Lisa Merrifield.