Highland Park High School students designed three mail boxes to be dispersed throughout the community so that people will have a safe place to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant provided the funding for one of these mail boxes.

From the Highland Park News:

While the standard blue U.S. Post Office mailboxes are seemingly disappearing from every community, a Highland Park High School environmental group will soon be installing throughout the city three custom-designed mailboxes with a new purpose.

The white mailboxes, purchased by the Save A Star Drug Awareness Foundation and a Police Department grant, were painted by student members of the high school’s Green School Initiative and will be placed outside the Police Station, the North Shore Health Center and one additional rotating city location to collect old and unwanted prescription medications.

The P2D2 Prescription Pill Drug Disposal program has two purposes: ensure the drugs aren’t abused recreationally and to promote safe disposal methods, as flushing old pills can become a health hazard in the water supply. Read more.