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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant News

Vol. 2020 // Issue 1


From the Director

Update from Dr. Tomas Höök about Sea Grant’s budget, IISG’s economic impact, and research on high lake levels and coastal erosion. Read more

TMATGL podcast logo Dr. Stuart Carlton has started a new monthly podcast called “Teach Me About the Great Lakes.” The purpose of the podcast is to help Stuart—a social scientist who grew up in the South near the Gulf of Mexico—learn about the biology, ecology, and natural history of the Great Lakes. Episodes below.
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Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Indiana Coastal Zone publication cover Ecosystem Services Valuation in the Indiana Coastal ZoneEcosystem services valuation allows decision makers to better address resource management challenges and communicate how actions can negatively or positively affect the public. This manual introduces the concept to coastal zone managers, policymakers, and valuation practitioners. View publication
Water Affordability publication cover Water Affordability in Northeastern Illinois: Addressing Water Equity in a Time of Rising CostsThis report represents an important first step in quantifying the extent of the water affordability problem in northeastern Illinois, and exploring strategies for tackling this growing challenge. View publication
Walleye Aquaculture: Identifying Marketing and Production BarriersA summary of marketing and production barriers to walleye aquaculture production in Illinois and Indiana as determined during the first Walleye Aquaculture Working Group workshop. View publication
Climate Report publication cover Great Lakes Region Climate Impacts and Outlooks ReportU.S. and Canadian Great Lakes region partners contribute to the publication of the quarterly reports. The next report will be released March 24. Subscribe to receive this report every quarter via email. View publication
Indiana Pond Fish publication cover Indiana Pond Fish: Species Identification CardsThis guide identifies commonly stocked fish and problem fish that may be encountered in Indiana ponds. It includes full-color pictures and information about sunfishes, other panfish, sport fish, catfishes and bullheads, carp, suckers and buffalo, and minnows and shiners. View publication



teenager with microphone pointing to large globe at a museum
High school student Myles Williamson gestures at the NOAA Science on a Sphere® during a presentation on acid rain at the Museum of Science and Industry. This work was supported by NOAA’s Environmental Literacy Program. (Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)
Teens have been helping Saturday visitors to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry learn about the city’s climate and weather challenges. Using datasets from IISG and the Midwestern Regional Climate Center, they teach people about regional climate change using the museum’s Science on a Sphere exhibit. This and other IISG stories have been highlighted on pages 9 and 12 of the NOAA Education Accomplishments Report.

buoy in water Providing support to communities through training, tools, and engagement with cutting-edge research is part of the core mission of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. We also fully fund our own buoy program, providing boaters, swimmers, and other lake enthusiasts with real-time lake conditions. With your help, we can expand our programs. Give today




Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is a partnership between NOAA, University of Illinois, and Purdue University. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant uses research, outreach, and education to bring the latest science to Great Lakes communities and their residents. By connecting decision-makers with science, we help strengthen and preserve ecosystems and communities in southern Lake Michigan and beyond.

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