Deanna Glosser is IISG’s new natural resource planning specialist. In this position, she will coordinate, develop and deliver planning programs to community planning officials. Through the Planning with POWER and Partnering for Land Use Sustainability projects, she will serve as a link between communities and scientists conducting research on natural resource sustainability. Deanna is replacing Bob McCormick, who retired early this year.

For the past eight years, Deanna has been the president and CEO of Environmental Planning Solutions, Inc., located in Riverton, Illinois. She focused on work related to natural resources and provided technical assistance to local governments on sustainable development practices. She recently wrote the Illinois Sustainable Natural Areas Plan and served as the planning and communications coordinator for the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Update. She is also the director of Chicago Wilderness’ Sustainable Watershed Action Team, which works with local governments on a wide range of issues, now focusing on green infrastructure.

Prior to having her own consulting business, Deanna worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for 13 years. Deanna has an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Illinois State University and a PhD in urban and regional planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.