Biologists with the Illinois Natural History Survey and U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service recently placed over 200 endangered northern riffleshell and clubshell mussels in the Salt Fork River in East Central Illinois. The mussels came from the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, where the endangered species were threatened by a future bridge project. 
“Though the mussels are far from their original home in the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, their new surroundings in this section of the Salt Fork River near Oakwood in Vermilion County won’t be entirely foreign. In this same spot, somewhere along the river bottom, are most of the 70 mussels that were moved here from the Allegheny two years ago. 
Monitoring of that group by the Illinois Natural History Survey and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has shown a significant majority of the endangered mussels are alive and well. Their success has cleared the way for the relocation of this group of endangered mussels from the same site on the Allegheny, where a future bridge project threatens their survival.”
Read more about the relocation project and the success so far in providing a favorable environment for these endangered mussels to thrive at the link above.