Despite many years of work and good overall progress are reducing the pollution of all the Great Lakes, a recent EPA report shows increased levels of surface water pollutants.

From The Times Herald:

“According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of pollutants released into surface waters in the Great Lakes Basin jumped 12 percent in 2011. At the same time, toxic surface water discharges fell by 3 percent nationwide. 

‘This is a significant increase in toxic releases to our waters — and an indication that the Great Lakes region is lagging behind other parts of the country,’ said Susan Hedman, EPA Region 5 Administrator and Great Lakes National Program Manager. ‘EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory is a valuable tool to help target areas for improvement, and we will use this new information to work with municipalities, agricultural producers and manufacturers in the Great Lakes Basin to improve water quality.'”

Read the complete article at the link above for more information about the report.