From the Chicago Tribune:

With a front-yard view of the Fourth of July parade route in Arlington Heights, Lisa Croneberg feels extra pressure to make her lawn look good.

So her husband puts away the old-fashioned manual lawn mower, borrowing a gas-powered model for the occasion. He uses organic fertilizer, aerates the sod and waters it until it’s a deep green. But he won’t spray weedkiller — that’s where the couple draw the line.

“I’m scared of the toxic way we’re treating the planet,” she said. “Nobody feels like their little bit is going to make a difference. But I feel like every little bit does.”

Once a rarity, natural lawn care is becoming a feature of Main Street U.S.A. Although for many homeowners a carpet of spotlessly green grass remains the American ideal, a small but growing group is willing to accept a weed or two if they can do without synthetic fertilizers or weed-killers. Read more.