Illinois lawmakers are looking at legislation that would ban microbeads (very small plastics used in several personal care products like exfoliators and cleansers) from production and use in cosmetics. 
“The proposal, introduced March 14 by Sen. Heather Steans (D–Chicago), would outlaw the production and sale of microbeads used in cosmetic products, which are toxic and pollute the Great Lakes in addition to harming the marine wildlife that inadvertently consume them, according to Steans.
Major metropolitan cities contribute greatly to the high concentration of cosmetic microbeads in the Great Lakes, said Olga Lyandres, research manager at the Alliance for the Great Lakes.
The beads’ size makes it impossible for filters to eliminate them before water reaches lakes, according to Jennifer Caddick, engagement director at the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Though Chicago doesn’t discharge sewage into the lake, many cities do and the pollution from these other sources makes Chicago’s main water source a public health threat.”
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