From the Republic:

In the grassy belly of a wetland known as Eagle Marsh, Mother Nature decides what water goes down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and what will end up in Lake Erie via the Maumee River.

 When adjacent watersheds harbor a finned toxin such as the dreaded Asian carp, this swampy mixing bowl becomes a hot spot for an irreparable breach in the natural and manmade barriers that have, so far, kept the carp out of the Great Lakes and its river systems.

 The carp is approaching the Great Lakes’ shores, threatening the $7 billion a year sport-fishing industry on the Great Lakes. The marsh’s proximity to the Maumee “make that place ground zero in this fight to keep the carp out,” said Paul Pacholski, a Lake Erie charter boat captain for nearly three decades. “If they get through that marsh to the Maumee, it’s over. It would be a disaster of biblical proportion.” Read more.