From the Duluth News Tribune:

Researchers working with the American Steamship Co. tested a new system Sunday to kill invasive species in the ballast water of a 1,000-foot Great Lakes freighter.

Crews pumped a biocide into two of 10 ballast tanks in the Indiana Harbor as it left Gary, Ind., treating 1.8 million gallons of ballast water. The chemical then was neutralized with a second chemical as the boat moved across Lake Superior before releasing ballast in the Duluth-Superior harbor.

It’s believed to be the first such major-scale test on the Great Lakes, with researchers from multiple universities and federal agencies involved along with funding from multiple state and federal grants. The issue is important because state and federal governments are moving to require ballast treatment to help stop invasive species that cause an estimated $5.9 billion damage annually in the region. Read more.

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‘Tis the season to salt the roads, but studies found that salt components are accumulating in lakes, rivers, and groundwater, impacting fish and other wildlife. Did you know there are alternatives to rock salt—like beet juice, cheese brine, & pickle juice?

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