The House and Senate are expected to pass the latest version of the Farm Bill in the coming days, following several rounds of drafts and revisions. Among the many provisions in the bill are improved protections against soil runoff and the draining of wetlands. 
“‘It was the worth the wait to get a Farm Bill that will help protect our nation’s land, water and wildlife,’ said Julie Sibbing, Senior Director of Agriculture and Forestry Programs for National Wildlife Federation. ‘We are particularly pleased that the final bill includes a critical provision to prevent soil erosion and conserve our nation’s priceless wetlands, both of which will protect water quality for people and wildlife.’
By re-linking conservation compliance to federal crop insurance, farmers will have to implement basic soil and wetland protections on their land in exchange for federal assistance. Doing so will prevent countless acres of wetlands from being drained, keep millions of tons of soil from eroding and washing into waterways…”
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