Last week we posted about how Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds were being used by one organization to fight invasive plant species in the wetlands of Wisconsin. Those funds were just part of a larger series of grants spread across 21 universities and non-profits to research and prevent aquatic invasive species. 

From the Wall Street Journal

“The funding is coming from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a federal program meant to make progress on the lakes’ biggest ecological challenges, such as toxic pollution, wildlife habitat loss and harmful algae blooms.

More than 180 exotic fish, mollusks, bacteria and other species have made their way to the lakes, many in ballast water of oceangoing cargo ships that began visiting the region’s ports after the St. Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959. They’ve caused hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of economic losses while upending native ecosystems.”

Read about the funds and some of the issues that they will be used to address at the link above, and visit our page about aquatic invasive species to learn more.