From the Detroit Free Press:

With no carp found during the most recent poisoning of the Little Calumet River near Chicago, Illinois barge and tour boat owners say it is a sign that the much-feared carp are not the imminent threat Michigan and other states claim.

They questioned the validity of the DNA testing that led to the poisoning and said it’s proof that the existing electrical barriers are sufficient to hold back the carp.

“There is no justification for contemplating a temporary or permanent lock closure and a shutdown of waterways in the region,” said the American Waterways Operators, a coalition that represents barge owners.

Michigan’s persistent call for lock closures through the courts is “a knee-jerk reaction that we can ill afford at a time when jobs are in great demand.”

Another group called the DNA testing “shaky science.”

The latest findings may make it politically more difficult to push for the permanent separation of the Chicago canals from the Great Lakes, a massive and expensive undertaking that would take years and disrupt current patterns of commerce on the rivers near Chicago. Read more.

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