From the Globe and Mail:

Anglers may be getting more than a trophy fish when they land a big one from the Great Lakes.

They could be catching fish that are so loaded with mercury, PCBs and dioxins that they aren’t safe to eat or should be consumed only in moderation, according to a new study being released today by Environmental Defence, a conservation group.

The study reviewed the trend in consumption advisories, or recommendations on whether it is safe to eat various species of fish – issued by Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and covering 13 different regions of the Great Lakes since 2005.

“The results are discouraging. While there have been some modest improvements in the last two years, a fifth of the 2009 advisories examined in this report were for zero consumption levels, meaning it is not safe to eat such fish at all. This is unacceptable, from recreational, economic, and human health perspectives,” the study said. Read more.