Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other potentially dangerous chemicals can enter watersheds, rivers, and lakes all over the globe, and can present a significant threat to environmental and human health. 
In addition to concerns about these substances entering the Great Lakes, researchers in Montreal are worried about these same substances finding their way into the St. Lawrence River. 
“This is not the first time Sauvé’s team has sounded an alarm about substances slipping through the municipal water-treatment system. In 2009, they reported finding hypertension and cholesterol drugs in treated water from the water treatment plant emptying into the St. Lawrence. And last year they found traces of antidepressants in the livers, brains and flesh of fish exposed to effluent from Montreal’s waste-water treatment plant.
The vast majority of pharmaceuticals and hormones found in the water from the water-treatment plant comes from human consumption, Sauvé said. He added that expired or unnecessary medication should not be flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain, but rather returned to a pharmacy or one of Montreal’s eco-centres.”
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