From the Lake County News Sun:

The Waukegan lakefront clean-up is getting a boost from the federal stimulus package after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $10 to $25 million is available to finish the clean-up of Plant 2 at the Outboard Marine Corp.

“This is huge,” said Susie Schreiber, chairman of the Waukegan Harbor Citizens Advisory Group. “This is one more piece of the financial pie.”

“This will position Waukegan to finally move forward with the final clean-up of the harbor,” she said, which is a separate issue. With this clean-up of Plant 2 out of the way, the harbor clean-up can move up on the funding list.

“This will lead to getting de-listed as a Great Lakes Area of Concern,” she said. Read more.

For information about the Great Lakes Legacy Act, which is funded to clean up Great Lakes Areas of Concern, visit the U.S. EPA GLNPO website.