People are just beginning to understand the link between improper disposal of pharmaceuticals and the environmental and human health effects they can have. Our Unwanted Meds website offers a great deal of information about the need to properly dispose of medicine, and recent studies are demonstrating the potential dangers. 

From The Huffington Post

“The Associated Press first reported in 2008 that the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans carries low concentrations of many common drugs. The findings were based on questionnaires sent to water utilities, which reported the presence of antibiotics, sedatives, sex hormones and other drugs.

The news reports led to congressional hearings and legislation, more water testing and more public disclosure. To this day, though, there are no mandatory U.S. limits on pharmaceuticals in waterways.”

Read more about the complete study at the link above, and visit our Unwanted Meds site for more information about proper disposal, collection events, and even how to start a medicine collection in your area.