Youth as Agents for Change: Informing communities about proper disposal of unwanted medicines and other toxic materials

When: Mon. June 22; 10am-3pm
Where: Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center Chesterton, Indiana (Directions will be provided upon registration.)

Prescription drug use is on the rise. When medicines expire, people often flush or throw them away. This can contaminate waterways, harming fish and other aquatic wildlife. Learn about how high school-aged students are serving as important agents for change in people’s habits to improve the quality of our waters. Find out how these projects are used to inform adult members of their communities about critical action steps to protect our waterways, reduce medicine poisoning in young children, and reduce identification theft. Join us, and learn how you can get involved by adopting this model in your classroom and community.

• Learn how to incorporate unwanted medicine and household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal into your curriculum.
• Talk with an environmental science teacher from Pontiac High School, Illinois that has already incorporated an expired meds disposal program at his school in conjunction with a civics teacher:
• Gain ideas from Sea Grant educators about best approaches to help students develop community stewardship projects.
• Participate in fun, interactive activities to take back to your classroom provided by the Recycling District.
• Curriculum, activities and correlated State Standards will be provided!

Registration required. To register call or email Deanna Garner: 219-465-3694 or Continuing credits available.

Primary focus will be for middle and high school and informal teachers; but all are invited and can benefit from this fun & educational workshop.

This workshop is a partnership of the Recycling & Waste Reduction of Porter County and the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program.