Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program Research & Outreach
Development and Capacity Building Pre-Proposals

Program Description: The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program (IISG) has limited discretionary funds for the initial development of promising areas of research and outreach projects. For 2009, IISG is especially interested in investing in research programs that would benefit from “seed” funds for preliminary data collection that will be used to submit expanded proposals to other funding sources. Those projects that have a focus in one of our nine core topic areas (visit the IISG Topics page for more information on these core topic areas). The topics include:

• Aquaculture
• Aquatic Invasive Species
• Coastal Restoration
• Fish Consumption
• Great Lakes Health (especially Lake Michigan)
• Land Use Planning
• Pharmaceutical Disposal
• Water Quality
• Water Supply

We anticipate awarding funding to 3-6 projects at < $10,000 depending on how well projects meet our objectives, potential for growth, project need and rigor, and level of funding requested. Selected pre-proposals meeting award criteria will be invited to submit full documentation through appropriate institutional mechanisms (i.e., appropriate institutional grants and contract office). Funding will be provided for one year from date of award and must be completed by September 30, 2010. Eligibility: Project Investigators from educational or research institutions in Illinois or Indiana are eligible. Pre-proposal Submission: For full consideration, pre-proposals should be submitted by COB August 5, 2009 to Please indicate “2009 Development Pre-Proposal” on the subject line. Required forms are available on request or by visiting here. Attach only required documents for pre-proposal consideration including:

1) 90-2 Project Summary Form (your completed 90-2 will serve as your project pre-proposal). A description and copy of the Form 90-2 are available here.
The completed project summary form should detail a) the problem (or critical informational uncertainty) to be addressed by the project tied to a specific IISG Strategic Objective; b) impact of the problem; c) methods to address the problem; and, d) expected results and project area impacts. Not all fields requested at the top of the Program Summary form are applicable to program development funding, therefore, only fill out the items which are appropriate. For questions, contact John Epifanio, IISG research coordinator, at or call 217-244-6916. The Project Summary Form should not exceed 4 pages in length. Please email all forms and documents in PDF file format.

2) 90-4 Budget Form – 90-4.doc (Required format).
A description of the Form 90-4 and an Excel format budget worksheet are available here. Note: for program development proposals, there are no matching requirements; however, investigators should budget for the negotiated federal indirect cost rates for their home institutions.

3) Investigator bio-sketch – Include a maximum 2-page bio-sketch or CV for each investigator demonstrating sufficient expertise and a history of sponsored-project completion, including publication.

Key Project Deliverables – all development projects should:
1) Result in an expanded proposal submitted to a funding agency & based on data/information generated from the project award. Development funds can be used to collect pilot data, assemble a research team, support writing and proposal development efforts; or,
2) Complete a final needed step to bring former research to publication, completion, or to realize impact and/or implementation of past research.

Final Reporting Requirements – All project investigators are required to submit a Final Project Report within 30 days of the project’s conclusion or by October 31, 2010.

Final Project Reports should include the following information:
• Program accomplishments including significant research findings; accomplishments such as proposals submitted, students supported, publications, presentations at conferences, workshops, and collaborations formed; and, impacts resulting from the project.
• Future/planned activities that will result from this development project including research, publications, workshops, dollars leveraged, and students to be supported.
• Development projects resulting in the submission of an expanded proposal to appropriate funding source(s) should describe information or data generated by the IISG
Development award and describe the proposal submitted including the source and the level of funding requested.
• Additional reporting information is available here.

Questions regarding eligibility or pre-proposal requirements may be directed to the IISG research coordinator at or by phone at 217-244-6916.