Memorial Day weekend is a holiday that lots of people look forward to. For many, it’s the first chance they get to head out to the beach, take the boat out on the water, fish and swim, and just enjoy a little time outdoors. And it’s also a perfect opportunity to get out and spend some quality time on Lake Michigan. 
With that in mind, there are tons of ways to have a great time on the water this weekend and help us keep the Great Lakes clean all at the same time. Listed below are a number of links with tips on how you can help us protect our waterways without missing a moment of fun this weekend.
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has put together this great PDF with clean boating tips. It offers some quick and easy ways you can help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species when you head out on the water. 
The U.S. EPA also has some information on how boaters can help reduce pollution while setting sail. 
The folks at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality have an even more extensive list of pollution prevention information on their Eco-Friendly Boating Fact Sheet.  
No matter how you spend it, have a safe and fun weekend while helping us protect and preserve our waterways.
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