The Great Lakes have always proven to be spectacular scenery, and have provided inspiration for countless works of art, great adventures, and more. Recently, though, the idyllic summer settings on and around Lake Michigan provided a different inspiration for two individuals on similar missions. 
Iowa resident Steve Cannon looked to Lake Michigan and thought of going for a run – all the way around the lake. Over the course of 40 days, Steve ran 1037 miles around the entirety of Lake Michigan, raising thousands of dollars for cancer research. 
“The Des Moines man finished the last leg of his 40-day, 40-marathon trek Thursday at Harry Caray’s Tavern in downtown Chicago, the same Navy Pier bar where he started. He ran 26 miles, clockwise around the lake, each day since May 27 — the first individual to do so.”
Meanwhile, a Michigan woman who now lives in Chicago is currently underway in her quest to row a custom boat around Lake Michigan – 1500 miles in a scheduled 2 months. The purpose of her adventure is to raise money for and increase awareness of breast cancer research. 
“A Battle Creek, Mich. native, Gibbons moved to Chicago seven years ago, and in 2008, co-founded Recovery on Water (ROW), a rowing team for breast cancer survivors that has grown from four women to 40. The women, coached by Gibbons and two others, practice four days a week on the Chicago River.
Gibbons’ story is a fascinating one as she propels her boat from port to port. She left Chicago June 15 is expected to leave Green Bay for Oconto around 5 a.m. Friday, making the 25-mile or so row by early evening, weather permitting.”
The Great Lakes provide a terrific setting for a lot of activities and ideas, and these are just two examples of people drawing inspiration for personal missions and great causes from them.