Local Decision Maker (LDM), an online program to help communities as they go through the comprehensive land use process, has won the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) 2010 GIS Award in the educational or nonprofit category.

LDM is a GIS-based web site that is rich with research data on environmentally sensitive areas, open space, streams and rivers, potential sources of contamination, and endangered species. When local planners strive to balance growth with natural resources, LDM provides the tools necessary to make informed choices. Plus, the site goes beyond natural resources to include critical information on economic development, labor markets, and schools.

Land use planners can go to the site, and within a few clicks, find up-to-date information specific to their community. They can view multiple maps of information at the same time, such as contaminated sites and environmentally sensitive areas, to see where potential problems or opportunities exist. And they can compare their community with neighboring communities or the larger county or state.

IGIC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to lead the effective application of geographic information in Indiana. Membership includes individuals from all levels of government, private industry, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups. The LDM team receives their award today at the IGIC conference luncheon in Bloomington, Indiana.