Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Loyola University, and Living Habitats are combining efforts for a two-hour master gardener workshop on April 30, from 9:30-11:30 in the Linnaeus Room at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

The workshop offers important information for gardeners working on water gardens and shoreline landscapes, providing them with alternatives to potentially invasive species. Native plants offer numerous benefits to the landscape, and planting them ensures that potentially invasive species are not introduced to the area. 

“Growing regionally native plants in your water gardens slows the spread of aquatic invasive species and creates habitat for birds and other wildlife,” said Greg Hitzroth, an aquatic invasive species specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. “Native plants also require less maintenance because they are adapted to their local environments.”  

View a further description of the course here (PDF), and contact IISG’s Greg Hitzroth for more information.

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