The National Institutes for Water Resources, in conjunction with the U.S. Geologic Survey, has issued a request for proposals for grant funding in the 2013 fiscal year. 
Research priorities include:

 – Evaluation of innovative approaches to water treatment, infrastructure design, retrofitting, maintenance, management and replacement

 – Exploration and model development of the dynamics of extreme hydro-meteorological events and associated economic, environmental, social, and/or infrastructure costs

 – Development of methods for better estimation of water supply, both surface and groundwater, at gaged and ungaged sites, including estimation of the physical supply and of the economic supply of water

 – Development and evaluation of alternative approaches and governance mechanisms for integrated surface/ground water management

 – Evaluation and assessment of the effects of water conservation practices, as well as adoption, penetration and permanence

Visit the link above for the complete RFP, including the details and objectives of the grant program, and specific requirements.