A new funding opportunity is now available for Illinois and Indiana teachers interested in incorporating Great Lakes science, geography, and social studies into their classrooms. The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant EMPOWER Scholarship provides $500 to help plan and implement a community stewardship project focused on local watershed issues. Applications for the two available scholarships will be accepted until April 30.  
Teachers in grades 4-12 can fill out the application form and submit it to Terri Hallesy via e-mail or fax. Selected teachers will be required to share information about classroom activities, student products, and successes at the end of the project.
The EMPOWER scholarship is the latest in IISG’s ongoing efforts to improve science, geography, and social studies education with professional development for teachers and innovative curriculum. To learn more about upcoming training opportunities and classroom resources, visit IISG’s Education page.

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‘Tis the season to salt the roads, but studies found that salt components are accumulating in lakes, rivers, and groundwater, impacting fish and other wildlife. Did you know there are alternatives to rock salt—like beet juice, cheese brine, & pickle juice? https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/08/us/road-salt-environment-partner/index.html

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