Graduate students in coastal and aquatic sciences that are looking for enriching experience that can open doors for the future may want to consider applying for one of five fellowship opportunities through Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. But it’s time to make your move because deadlines are just around the corner.

Here is a brief description of these fellowship opportunities. For more information, visit our Fellowship page or contact Angela Archer.

John A. Knauss Fellowship
The Knauss fellowship provides a unique educational experience to students who have an interest in ocean, costal and Great Lakes resources and in national policy decisions. The program matches highly qualified graduate students with “hosts” in the legislative and executive branches of government in the Washington, D.C. area for a one year paid fellowship.

Application deadline – February 18, 2011

National Marine Fisheries Service/Sea Grant Fellowship in Population Dynamics
Doctoral candidates interested in the population dynamics of living marine resources and the development and implementation of quantitative methods for assessing their status can receive up to three years of funding.

Application deadline – January 21, 2011

National Marine Fisheries Service/Sea Grant Fellowship in Marine Resource Economics
Doctoral students studying marine resource economics, concentrating on the conservation and management of living marine resources, can receive two years of funding.

Application deadline – January 21, 2011

Coastal Management Fellowship
This fellowship program matches postgraduate students with state coastal zone programs to work on projects proposed by the state and selected by the fellowship sponsor, the NOAA Coastal Services Center. This two-year opportunity offers a competitive salary, medical benefits, and travel and relocation expense reimbursement.

Application deadline – January 28, 2011

Great Lakes Commission/Sea Grant Fellowship
One fellow will work for one year with members of Great Lakes’ science policy and information/education communities to advance the environmental quality and sustainable economic development goals of the Great Lakes states. The fellowship is located at the Great Lakes Commission office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Application deadline – January 31, 2011