In a continuing effort to pass legislation that would prevent pollution from being dumped into Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk and U.S. Representative Bob Dold released a list of the Great Lakes Dirty Dozen – the top 12 polluters placing significant sewage into the lakes. 

Over the last few decades a lot of progress has been made in reducing the amount of pollution that enters the Great Lakes. But for a variety of reasons, large amounts of untreated pollution and sewage still finds its way into the lakes, contaminating the source of fresh water for millions of people. 

The list of the top twelve polluters brings attention not only to the issue, but to the legislation that Senator Kirk introduced last year, the Great Lakes Water Protection Act. Senator Dick Durbin is a co-sponsor of the bill
On a related topic, the U.S. EPA recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of Safe Water Drinking Standards, which went into effect on July 25, 1977. The standards came about as a result of the Safe Water Drinking Act, which was signed into law in 1974.