The U.S. EPA will be holding a public meeting to announce the draft of a cleanup plan for the contaminated sediment in the Upper Trenton Channel. Another project funded under the Great Lakes Legacy Act, this proposed cleanup would provide similar benefits to the environment and the community as seen in Sheboygan and the Grand Calumet River
The meeting also offers a chance for community members to provide input and information specific to the area, improvements they would like to see, and any concerns they may have. 
IISG is leading an outreach effort for this project, partnering with Michigan Sea Grant, Friends of the Detroit River, Detroit River Public Advisory Council, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Department of Community Health, and the U.S. EPA to engage the public in the project and assess the many benefits of the project. 
The meeting is scheduled to take place Wednesday, January 15, at the Wyandotte Boat Club. Everyone is welcome, and there will be fact sheets and supplemental information available about the project as well. 
For more information about restoration projects like this, contact IISG’s Caitie McCoy and visit our coastal restoration products page.

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