On Wednesday, September 16, a “Drug Drop” took place at the Farmer’s Market in West Lafayette, Indiana. This event was organized by the West Lafayette Go Greener Commission. More than a barrelful of medicine was collected from the general public and was taken from the premises by local police for proper disposal. IISG provided informational brochures on the environmental impacts of flushing medicines to this event. We also supplied organizers with pill boxes for distribution that remind people not to flush medicine.

On September 24, IISG’s specialists Susan Boehme and Elizabeth Hinchey Malloy will deliver an evening workshop presentation as part of Purdue University’s Green Week Festival. The workshop is entitled “The Problem of Unwanted Medicines: Environmental Impacts of Unwanted Medicines and Best Disposal Practices” and in addition to Boehme and Hinchey Malloy, features presentations by Marisol Sepúlveda, Purdue associate professor, and Dawn Boston from the Wildcat Creek Solid Waste Management District.

Purdue University is sponsoring Green Week on September 15-19 to raise environmental awareness on campus and in the greater Lafayette community. Each day will focus on one aspect of preserving the environment and practicing conservation. There will be opportunities for students, faculty and staff, and community members to participate throughout the week.