IISG and the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant program have issued a joint request for preproposals dealing with Lake Michigan food web research projects. These preproposals should be for research to be conducted in 2014-2015, and should respond to the following priority areas: 
– Nearshore-offshore food web connections
– Food web differences across Lake Michigan regions or habitats (e.g., rocky vs. sandy substrate)
– The influence of short-term episodic events in structuring the Lake Michigan food web
– Food web interactions during the understudied isothermal winter period
From the RFP
“Preproposals must demonstrate plans for collaboration between at least one Illinois- or Indiana-based researcher and at least one Wisconsin-based researcher. Illinois- and Indiana-based researchers should submit preproposals to Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (guidelines below). Wisconsin-based partners should submit a preproposal for the same project to Wisconsin Sea Grant. See WI submission guidelines here.
Research is to be conducted in the 2014–2015 biennium. Up to $120,000 per year for two years will be available for funding the Illinois-Indiana portion of research projects. The funds requested by Illinois and Indiana researchers must be matched by at least one nonfederal dollar for every two federal dollars requested.”
For more information, including submission guidelines, visit the link above (PDF).