For our latest funding opportunity, we are looking for projects that address key economic and planning questions facing the Great Lakes region. Researchers may request up to $96,000 to tackle one of the following needs using existing data: 

  • Conduct a study of the viability of establishing a locally-sourced seafood market in downtown Chicago. 
  • Develop an adaptive management framework for implementing a nutrient reduction strategy in a given watershed. 
  • Assess the value of the recreational fishery in southern Lake Michigan and suggest major impediments to further developing this fishery. 
  • Evaluate potential impacts of switching to alternative forms of energy in southern Lake Michigan watersheds. 

Funding will be provided for 18 months beginning March 1, 2015 or the date of the award. Proposals are due by 5 pm CST on November 17, 2014. We anticipate funding 3-4 projects. 

Read the full RFP for more information on project and application requirements.