The Lawn to Lake Program has been growing lately, with the goal of encouraging homeowners, property managers, and landscapers to implement natural lawn care methodsand products into their work. By using and promoting natural lawn care options, the potential chemical runoff to water supplies is reduced, which in turn can help prevent invasive plants from crowding out native species, and also reduces substances that would otherwise find their way into our water supply. 
The program has recently made tremendous progress in partnering with retailers to carry and recommend natural lawn care products – products that work every bit as well as other lawn care methods, but which help the environment at the same time. There are dozens of retailers throughout the Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana areas that offer lawn care supplies that meet the needs of plants and landscapes in the region. 
To find one of these retailers near you, there is a Google Map that lists the retailers and shows their locations. This map will be updated as more retailers partner with us to promote products and processes for lawn care that protect the environment and meet the lawn care needs of the area.
To find out more about natural lawn care and how it can have positive impacts for our water supply, visit the Lawn to Lake Webpage linked above, and find their page on Facebook.