Most people understand that conserving water is important to a sustainable future of clean water for everyone. But how do we know how much we are using, and how do we identify ways that we can conserve water or reduce our usage? It might come as no surprise that technology offers new and easy ways to find that out. 
Several smartphones applications and online resources have been developed that can help identify wasted water, recommend water-saving measures, or log your water use for a more accurate picture. 
Drip Detectiveis an app for iPhone that lets users identify just how much water a leaky or drippy faucet is costing them through a variety of measures. It can also then calculate the amount of money those lost drops cost the user on their water bill. 
The Responsible Bathroom App provides a simple way for users to find out how much water they can save with various fixture changes in their bathrooms, or with simple changes in use. It also offers a tool to locate local rebates for fixtures, and find the nearest retailer where they can purchase water-saving items. 
A free app called Waterprintallows smartphone users to calculate how much water they’re using, and also provides descriptions that explain what the numbers mean in practical terms. It has tips on how to reduce water usage as well. 
Even Facebook has an online application anyone can access, the Personal Water Footprint Calculator, that lets users figure out their personal water use, and offers ways to reduce water usage with some simple changes or steps. 
These are just a few of the available applications that allow individuals and families to get a real sense of how much water they are using, and how they can help save this precious resource. 
You can read more about each of these apps at each of the links above, and begin finding new ways to help save water today.