Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is offering an opportunity for Great Lakes scientists to share data and ideas with K-12 teachers at this year’s upcoming IAGLR conference at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

IISG will be hosting an Educator Day on June 3, with a number of events and opportunities planned for teachers to expand on their Great Lakes science knowledge and issue-based lessons in their classrooms. 

The main event will be a lunchtime roundtable between scientists and educators, offering an opportunity for current and ongoing research to be discussed while finding ways for teachers to incorporate that information into their curricula. It’s also a terrific chance for educators to exchange ideas about bringing more applied and hands-on science into lessons for their students.

In coordination with the Center for Great Lakes Literacy, the roundtable discussion helps serve the needs of teachers and researchers alike. Teachers will also be able to attend numerous scientific sessions during the day and the evening poster session at IAGLR for further networking and discussion. 

Scientists and researchers are needed for the roundtable discussion. If you are interested in participating and sharing your research projects and progress with a wider audience, as well as finding out about how your scientific work can apply directly to classrooms, contact Robin Goettel, associate director for education. And check back here for more information about IAGLR events as the conference approaches.