Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s environmental social scientist Caitie McCoy is partnering with NOAA’s Coastal Services Center to offer the sixth edition of the Great Lakes Social Science Network training, Community-Based Social Marketing. 

This particular session is the second time that community-based social marketing has been the focus, and it will take place Dec 14 from 9:30 – 11 AM CST. The training is geared toward Sea Grant professionals and their colleagues to help them incorporate social science into their daily work. 

Caitie writes, “Social science research shows that initiatives to foster behavior change are most successful at the community level, where people are in direct contact with one another. CBSM is a tool to promote sustainable behavior, and is very appropriate for the scale at which Sea Grant professionals operate. This training will introduce CBSM concepts and go through the steps of creating a CBSM campaign.”
Interested individuals can contact Caitie via the link above for more information or to register for the training.

EDIT – This training will be available online as an interactive webinar, and registration is encouraged. Contact Caitie for further details. 

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