Teachers and scientists alike can benefit from COSEE Great Lakes latest online workshop— “Great Lakes Alive!”—which will take place February 15-27.

The workshop is free and is targeted for formal and nonformal educators who teach about the Great Lakes or the life sciences. However, all teachers, as well as scientists, are invited to participate. The workshop material is most applicable for grades 4-10.

COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence) offers six presentations—one posted every other day—focusing on living resources in the Great Lakes. “The size, depth, and quality of the Great Lakes make it a unique ecosystem,” said workshop coordinator Bruce Munson of the University of Minnesota Duluth. “Since COSEE Great Lakes works closely with many scientific organizations studying the biology of the Great Lakes, we can bring current science and access to scientists in that field directly to teachers and their students.”

Each presentation is created by a university scientist in the Great Lakes region and includes an introduction, a narrated PowerPoint presentation, and suggested classroom resources. Participants also, through dynamic conversations on the workshop’s discussion board, get practical tips and classroom applications from one another, as well as the presenters, who will be available for questions the following day their presentation is posted.

Once the presentations and related classroom materials are posted, they are archived and available for use at any time, even after the workshop.

Teachers may elect to receive a certificate of participation at the end of the workshop and may obtain one graduate credit. Graduate credit will cost $85 payable to the University of Minnesota Duluth.

To register or for more information visit www.coexploration.org/coseegreatlakes.