In this inauguration season, IISG presents a newly-designed program web site with a new address and a newly-minted blog. IISG’s web site can now be found at The blog, called Lakeside Views, can be found at

The new IISG web site is designed to make information about the program’s many coastal and water-related initiatives more accessible. “We fund research and develop outreach and education programs related to a number of Great Lakes issues,” said Lisa Merrifield, IISG assistant director. “Now, on our website, you can go right to a topic of interest and learn more about these efforts.”

The products section of the new site is organized to provide easy access to information and images of many IISG products. Some are available for purchase, but many publications can be downloaded.

The new blog provides another outlet for news about Great Lakes issues as well as the program. “Lakeside Views provides us an opportunity to share more information and do it quicker,” added Merrifield.