Katie Vercek (pictured here) and Emily Allen are 4-H Teen County Council members with the Penn State Cooperative Extension 4-H Program. Pamela Paletta, Penn State Extension educator in Youth Development/4-H, asked the girls to use the IISG guide Sensible Disposal of Unwanted Medicine to learn about the concerns that improperly disposed of medicines can pose to waterways and community health, and then create informational posters to display at the Washington County Fair in Pennsylvania. 

Sensible Disposal of Unwanted Medicine, which was developed by Purdue Extension Youth Development, is being circulated to state 4-H programs in the Great Lakes region to help spread awareness and inspire action, and provided the basic information for the posters. Katie shared the information on what people can do with their unwanted medicines with many of the visitors to the fair, and helped spread the word about preventing these medicines and related substances from entering water supplies. 

This project was made possible through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.