From very small ponds to large, elaborate installations, water gardens are growing in popularity as a way for homeowners to put a unique and personal touch on their landscape. While water gardens of every size and shape can be beautiful and beneficial additions to any lawn, some care is required in choosing the plants that will be a part of your lawn. 

From a recent interview and article on The Nature Conservancy’s website:
“Weeds are the bane of gardeners everywhere. But sometimes, the gardener herself is the unwitting source of the problem.
That’s the case for a small number of aquatic invasive plants like hydrilla and water hyacinth. Popular in backyard water gardens in the United States, these weeds quickly spread to natural waterways where they choke out other marine life, degrade water quality and clog recreation areas.”
Many lawn and landscape supply stores now carry and recommend native plant species that can provide aesthetically pleasing and beneficial additions to a water garden plan. To find out more about common invasive species, water garden planning, and more, visit the article linked above, and read through our brochure on aquatic invasive species and water gardens.

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